What Flood Plain? Time for some tender loving care

Amazingly, after 4 in. of rain on Wednesday we didn’t have to close the course…in fact as of yesterday there were no cart restrictions in place! Pretty sure after 15 years as Supt. at Hilldale I’ve never seen this golf course firm up so quickly. Greens, tees, and fairways are doing great (Healthy Turf!) this summer but we’ll really have to baby them the next few weeks through the “dog days”.  When the ground gets as saturated as it is right now and then you throw 90 degree temperatures into the mix, trouble is right around the corner! Turfgrass roots need air and water to survive but when the major % is water; the root system can’t breath and soon the turf will decline to the point where playability is extremely poor. There’s a good probability that our grounds crew (who I have to say are a great group of young men!) will have to create air space in the root zone by punching small holes with aerification equipment in our greens, tees, and fairways. Please don’t panic because I’m not talking about traditional aerification that is done in spring and fall; the holes we create with small mini tines (picture the size of a pencil) will not be visible after using rollers to smooth up the putting surface immediately after.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and patronage and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the Hilldale grounds!


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