A beautiful Sunday with May right around the corner

April 23, 2017

 Well, April has dropped its usual amount of weirdness on us in 2017. With only one week to go until May we’re finally off cartpaths and hoping (praying) to stay dry the final few days of April. The month has seen 3.5″ of rain so far.

All areas of the course have been mowed several times now with turf conditions hanging strong despite the water surplus. The greens still have a ways to go before mid-season speeds are realized, but the combination of mowing and rolling on alternate days has helped maintain a good “ball roll”.  A light to medium layer of sand topdressing is planned for tomorrow and Tuesday, which will help further to improve putting quality now and into the season.

A few drainage issues…brought into focus by the recent rains are also on our to-do-list for the coming week. Small areas on both 10 and 18 fairways should have drain pipes added before next weekend.

As always, we appreciate your patience with projects/practices like those listed here. Especially with sand topdressing on greens…we’ll try to get it applied and brushed in prior to any golfers coming through.

Thank you!

Welcome to a new (2017) season!

April 1, 2017

This picture shows the first mowing of greens two weeks ago. We feel very good about the condition of the greens at this early date. As you well know by now nearly 2 inches of rain fell on Thursday and so obviously carts will have to stay on cartpaths at all times…Please! Course cleanup (sticks, branches, leaves etc…) has been in full gear this past week and the staff is doing a great job preparing the place for another season. The course is very busy today despite all the rain recently and boy is it great to see the sun shining. We’re planning on mowing greens again tomorrow with our smaller walk-behind mowers. These mowers are used approximately 75% of the time once we get into our routine of mowing everyday, but the main reason we’re using tomorrow is because of the very soft conditions. Thanks for playing Hilldale!

Bryan Widmer, Supt.