A Saturday Morning at Hilldale

Definitely not the nicest (weather wise) Saturday morning we’re going to see this year (I sure hope not, anyway!), but nevertheless a routine Sat. a.m. for the grounds staff at Hilldale Golf Club. New cup locations were cut (schedule 2 was used), greens were single cut and rolled (Jim on the roller in picture below), bunkers raked, rough cut on several holes, and intermediate cut around the greens was completed. Greens were rolling at 10 ft. on the stimpmeter this morning; which is still about 1 ft. shy of the speed we target for a typical weekend day. Due to the crazy weather seen in the Chicago area this spring (85 deg. just three days ago; upper 40’s early this a.m.), greensmowers still haven’t been set to their regular height-of-cut yet…that most likely will occur next weekend. Collars, tees, fairways, and approaches are cut on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week…along with the majority of rough areas.

Cup locations are changed six days per week with the only off day occuring on Tuesdays (although this is open to change depending on amount of traffic the golf course sees on Monday).

I’m extremely pleased with the condition of Hilldale’s greens early in the season, although turf color is generally lacking due to the cold spring weather. Myself and all members of the grounds dept. look forward to seeing you out on the course this season, and if there’s anything we can do to make your round more enjoyable, please let us know…obviously that’s our job!

Bryan Widmer, CGCS


One Response to A Saturday Morning at Hilldale

  1. Patrick Hawkins says:

    Bryan, This is a great update and this past weekend the course was in wonderful condition! Especially the greens and we are all loving the new sand in the bunkers for sure!

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