1st Greens cut of 2012

First Greens Mowing03.12

Victor mowing the 9th Green on Tuesday a.m.


Fear not…we’re not at a mid-season height-of-cut…and yes the greens are rolling very slow and definitely not as smooth as you or I are accustomed to. But it’s a thrill just to be open and seeing customers enjoying the terrific weather! As I’ve mentioned in a couple twitter posts the weather we’re experiencing in the Chicago area right now is almost too good to be true (set a record today-81 degrees). According to weather reports it will continue through the weekend and well into next week. In addition to greens, we also hope to mow tees and fairways prior to the holiday weekend. Please be patient with regard to bunker conditioning..we’re still well short of our full staff in the grounds department and therefore some areas (bunkers/rough-hazards) will be slightly unkept for the short term. Of course that is one of the primary considerations for keeping our low winter rates intact until April 1st.

Good to see so many of you the last couple of days..thanks for playing Hilldale.

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