Memorial Day-2011

May 30, 2011

Well, after receiving 2″ of rain yesterday…the course is extremely wet, but Hilldale Golf Club will be open for play on Memorial Day.  As I’m sure you can guess, carts will be restricted to stay on cart paths all day.  Thanks for coming out and I hope everyone has a great holiday!

Weekend Update

May 20, 2011

It’s going to be a beautiful Friday at Hilldale, and as far as the weekend goes…let’s hope the weatherman is wrong!  Actually, Sunday looks pretty good so we just have to get through Saturday’s poor forecast.  Turf conditions are outstanding with quick green speeds and tight fairway lies.  Greens have been rolled and mowed every day the past few weeks with average stimpmeter speeds consistently around 10.  Fairway conditions are probably the best they’ve been in several years…so needless to say I’m delighted with how the course is shaping up for the summer ahead (and yes, I’m knocking on wood at this very moment that the weather will be kind to us this year!).  So, enjoy your weekend and thanks for coming out.

Ran across this short golf video the other day, and thought I’d share. Big screen + dog + golf = ???

May 15 update: Let’s Play Two

May 15, 2011

Good morning…c’mon out and play Hilldale.  Despite the gloomy weather, we’re open for play with no cart restrictions (90 degree rule applies).   We’ve been very lucky here in Hoffman Estates this weekend…places like Dekalb and Crystal Lake were hit hard with rain, but we’ve only had 1/4″ so far and the radar shows just light drizzle through the morning hours.  So, please dress warm and we’ll see you at the course…thanks for your business.

Let’s Try Something Different

May 9, 2011

Is there something wrong with this picture?  No, you’re not hallucinating…we removed the permanent cart traffic barrier (rope-stakes) along the path on #6.  This hole/fairway had always been a problem area at Hilldale in respect to staying wet.  Therefore, cart traffic was kept on the path at all times.  Well…we (Hilldale mgmt.) want to try doing away with the barrier and allow our players to drive directly to their ball (90 degree rule applies of course!).  A sand topdressing program implemented several years ago has paid big dividends in providing a firmer fairway surface, and during those times when wet conditions are present…we will just treat this hole like the rest of the course and limit traffic to the cartpath where signs are posted.  When you are allowed to drive on the fairway, please obey the traffic signs and posts located near the green/approach.  And please…at no time should any cart traffic be closer than 30 ft. around the greens (putting surface) on any hole at Hilldale.   We hope and expect this change on the 6th hole to speed up the pace of play…so let’s try something different that everyone can appreciate.  Thanks for your cooperation and for playing golf at Hilldale GC.