June Course Update

As we head into the heart of the golf season, beginning this blog with a few words detailing recent weather events seemed appropriate.  Rain has been plentiful the last few weeks, but compared to our neighbors to the south and west we’ve been very fortunate. Memorial Day weekend and the past five days have produced roughly 1.25″ of rain in the Hoffman Estates area, where as many Chicagoland areas have seen 3-5 times this amount. Due to the fact that our area, and more specifically Hilldale Golf Club, has been at the heart of bad storms and severe flooding the past few years, I find it hard to apologize for our recent good fortune. The golf course is in good condition as we dive into the summer months, and obviously that is what we hope for each year as aggressive maintance practices now become the norm.

All annual flower beds were planted this past week, and I’ll take this time to thank Rosa Castro for her fine work managing this yearly project.  Rosa has been a key member of the Hilldale grounds department for better than thirty years now, not to mention an excellent staff leader and assistant.  Fernando Chavez (Head Mechanic), and Juan Maravillas (Crew Foreman), are also excellent employees who make my work look better and thus more gratifying.

The coming week will see the grounds department: begin tree/brush removal along  property lines on holes 3-11-12, edging bunkers, drainage improvement work, and ballmark/divot conditioning. The increase in play this time of year produces considerable scars left from ballmarks and divots (especially on par three holes).  The staff will begin the routine of adding a sand/seed mix to ballmarks this week. Of course divot repair started long ago and goes without saying, but good results can also be had from adding such a mix to ballmarks on greens. To that end, I’ll wrap this up by preaching the importance of good course etiquette by all golfers. Please help us keep Hilldale in good condition by fixing ballmarks, raking sandtraps, and filling divots during your round of golf. 

We hope you enjoy your day and golfing experience at Hilldale Golf Club and thank you for your patronage.  Until next time…

Bryan Widmer, CGCS

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