Hilldale Golf Club Opens

After a long and snow covered Chicago winter, what a great feeling to open the golf course to so many spring-fevered golfers. I would like to personally welcome you back to Hilldale — hope everyone has a great 2010 and thanks for coming out to enjoy the course. I plan on updating this blog on a regular basis to keep you informed of the latest with regard to course conditions and preparations.

Overall, I’m pleased with the way the golf course came through the winter. Green, tee, and fairway turf conditions look good minus the usual freeze/thaw damage in spots. The Kentucky Bluegrass rough was hit harder than normal this year, but obviously if anything has to come out of winter in a weakened state, let it be the rough! We’ll see how the KBG responds to warmer soil temps over the next few weeks, and if necessary we’ll use a combination of seed, fertilizer, and TLC to get the rough back in good shape. Greens will be mowed tomorrow for the first cut of the season, and we should have the fairways cleaned off within the next day or so. With this amazing weather (60 degrees +), the course is firming up much quicker than normal, so there is a good chance of allowing carts off of paths by Friday (3/19). Frankly, I can’t remember many times this early in March when conditions were favorable for cart traffic on the turf. With more normal temps and precipitation in the forecast next week, cart usage will be monitored very closely.

Again, thanks to all who come out to Hilldale….I look forward to seeing you on the course.

Bryan Widmer, CGCS

One Response to Hilldale Golf Club Opens

  1. Lyle Morrow says:

    We thought the course was in great shape and the greens
    were more than fair. Thanks.

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